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Part – I
“Nothing is impossible”

That night, something told me that it could work, being a tamer, a Renamon tamer. As I watched Tamers 2006 series and having that feeling, deep down in my soul of fighting next to her, be supporting her with all my strength, that night, was a life changer.
-Wait, what if I can find something online? As my granny told me, hope is the last one standing (Portuguese saying). Time to go to bed, I need to wake up early in the morning and start my search.
The following morning, I dug around google, forums, wikis, old websites and fan websites. And did a lot of researching, and I've found an old website, which it looked very interesting. It had the basics of digimon codding and data configuring, it was something unheard of.
-This time, I won't give up! - I said that, with all the confidence in the world, no one could stop me now.
As I started reading, everything made sense, and it could be done if I really wanted too, I needed a lot of hardware and patience too, but I saw that, making it possible shouldn't be that hard, after all it was just codding and exporting it. TO REAL LIFE. Maybe it wasn't that simple when we talk about digital conversion.
I've spent every day and every hour I had. I was really confident that I would make it, that It would work and I would have my very own digimon.
After six months of sweating and killing my brains in front of that Samtron 5E, I finally had my beta source code, I tested it on my computer, it ran really slow, as it would take a ton of processing power to emulate artificial intelligence, and my sluggish dual core processor wouldn't do it. I manned up, and skipped the emulation process, and got to developing the exporter.
Man, it sounded easier on paper, as it took me 10 whole months to get the exporter virtualization board to work.
-Time for test driving. - I was proud of myself.
Bl4deMast3r Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
Nice beginning for a story! :clap:
MikeFerreira Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks :3
I'll post a part every day, hopefully... I still have some parts to write... I've got 7 parts ready
Bl4deMast3r Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
Cool! =D
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February 3, 2013
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